The Home Depot Partners with RTKC to Help Local Veteran

Kirk Douglas and his wife of 40 years desperately wanted to stay in the home that they raised their family in. However, after two knee replacement surgeries, Kirk required a wheelchair, and the house they have lived in for so many years did not have a ramp.

Thanks to a corporate partnership with The Home Depot, Rebuilding Together Kansas City was able to help the Douglas family stay in their home. The Home Depot not only provided volunteer labor, but provided building materials and other funding. They built a ramp, replaced a rotting porch, installed a new door and security door, and cleaned up the yard.

This is the power of corporate partnerships with Rebuilding Together Kansas City! We connect businesses and organizations seeking to make a tangible difference in the lives of others to those in need. For more information about how your business can invest in a corporate partnership with us, e-mail Executive Director Scott Hickox.