Neighbor Stories


Susan Is Rooted In The Community

December 2, 2021

“It’s not just a house you go to and sleep in, it’s the embodiment of your life.” – Susan Heim-Davis

I’m amazed at how Rebuilding Together brings neighbors together in such an impactful way. Sometimes, rebuild projects reunite those who knew each other well, as in the case for Susan and I, and other times it’s an opportunity to get to know your neighbors while solving significant issues alongside one another. I’m so grateful for how the entire community—both online through donations and in-person through volunteering—gathered around Susan, someone who has served the community for so long, to make her home safe and healthy. She has been on a radical mission of compassion and thanks to these folks, Susan was able to receive some of that back.

Every day I’m thrilled to have the chance to help neighbors like Susan. One of our main goals at Rebuilding Together Kansas City is to help people safely live in their homes, either through Safe at Home program or our Rebuilding Day program. I founded this affiliate in 2001, so we are celebrating 20 years of rebuilding lives by repairing homes. I am proud to be a [Re]Builder.