What We Do


what we do

Grab Bars

  • Provides a stable, reliable hand hold
  • Non-slip grip available for wet areas



  • Reduces falls by providing steady balance
  • Two rails eliminates both hands on single bar and “sideways stepping”

Hand Held Showers

  • Increases bathing safety, independence and comfort while sitting or standing
  • Can be hooked to grab bar for sturdy height adjustments

Tub Transfer Benches

  • Reduces falls and provides comfort
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Textured plastic seat & back for nonslip grip
  • Sliding transfer benches assist with transfers from wheelchairs or walkers to the bathtub
  • Adds height to shorter toilets, making it much easier to sit down and get up
  • Provides safety and independence
  • Inexpensive option and easily moved

Clamp-On Tub Rails

  • Gives stability when getting in and out
    of tub
  • Quick install and fits most standard tubs
  • Easy grip and rust proof

Offset Door Hinges

  • Adds up to 2 inches to doorways,
    allowing barrier-free access for some wheelchairs and walkers
  • Installs using the same holes and screws of existing hinges
  • An easier and less expensive way to broaden doorways

Vertical Rails

  • Helpful for sitting and standing
  • Expansion fits floor to ceiling for sturdiness and reliability
  • Promotes safe and independent movement
  • The horizontal grab bar provides 8 locking
  • The bar will lock if released, reducing the risk of
    forward fall

Comfort Height Toilets

  • Easier to sit and stand than standard model toilet
  • 16”-18” tall as opposed to standard 15”, excluding toilet seat

Brighter Lighting

  • A well-lit home helps prevent falls
  • Seeing clearly helps maintain balance and avoid obstacles
  • Replace brighter light bulbs with soft light bulbs makes a difference
  • Illuminated light switches and cover plates act as a nightlight, is more convenient and safer after dark

Tub Cut-Outs

  • Easy step access for bathing
  • Installation completed on existing tub
  • More cost-effective than tearing out the existing tub
  • The optional model has removable door that locks in place to maintain use as a traditional tub

Adjustable Threshold Ramps

  • Allows easier access to entrances
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Adjustable feet customize fit for up to 6” with doorways that swing in or out

Low-Rise Steps

  • Treads are much longer and risers are much shorter than traditional steps
  • Allows feet to be on the same step as
    a walker

Repair/Replace Flooring

  • Deteriorated and rotten flooring can
    create a tripping hazard and cause falls

Stair/Deck/Railing Repairs

  • Easier to sit and stand than standard model toilet
  • 16”-18” tall as opposed to standard 15”, excluding toilet seat


  • Completely customized to the home (following code guidelines)
  • Reduces falls with railings on both sides
  • Built to last with weatherproof materials

Bump Dots

  • Used to mark everyday items for easy identification by touch
  • Ideal for those with a visual impairment

Smoke & CO Detectors

  • Installation of detectors to increase fire and carbon monoxide safety