Minor Event Waiver and Release of Liability

Minor Event Waiver and Release of Liability Waiver

Age 18 and Younger

In consideration of the opportunity afforded my child to assist Rebuilding Together Kansas City, Inc. (RTKC), in which the homes of disadvantaged persons will be repaired by volunteers, and in light of the aims and purposes of the community service provided by RTKC in organizing this event, I give my permission for my child to participate as a volunteer for RTKC, and I, on behalf of my child and myself, waive any right or cause of action arising as a result of my child's participation in any RTKC project from which any liability that may or could accrue against RTKC, or its officers and directors collectively or individually. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I, on behalf of my child and myself, agree that this waiver shall include any rights or causes of action resulting from personal injury to my child or damage to my child's property sustained in connection with my child's activities while volunteering for RTKC.

Further, my child is a volunteer that provides services on a purely charitable & voluntary basis. I agree to hold RTKC, and all people participating in any RTKC project, blameless for any accident involving my child while in transport while volunteering for RTKC.  I understand that in the case of an accident, illness, or injury to my child, an adult volunteer will try to phone the emergency contacts provided, and I will allow them to secure medical treatment for those health conditions.  If need be, I give permission for the attending physician to provide the proper treatment and to hospitalize if necessary. I, the undersigned, release RTKC, RTKC workers, donors/supporters/shareholders of RTKC, and anyone participating on behalf of RTKC from all liability in case of illness or injury at all times while my child is volunteering for RTKC.  If we do not carry health insurance, then RTKC and its participants are not responsible for the expense of any medical treatment received.

By signing my name below, I also hereby consent to the use of photographs and/or videos of those identified below and/or the statements attached hereto, including my personal name or the firm name, by Rebuilding Together Kansas City and its subsidiary and affiliated companies and their respective dealer and distribution organizations for advertising or publicity in printed, recorded or electronic media.  I represent that I am of legal age and that I have authority to give this consent which will remain in effect until revoked by me in writing.


Rebuilding Together Kansas City (RTKC) prioritizes the health and safety of homeowners, contractors, volunteers, and staff. With the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19,” we all must remain vigilant in mitigating the outbreak and protecting one another.
To be safe and maintain operations, we have developed the wellness policies which will be implemented throughout the organization and at all of our work sites. RTKC has also developed COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Policies for Contractors, which are available upon request. RTKC will seek to follow all applicable and relevant government recommendations and may update the above policies at any time.
Also please note:

RTKC will suspend all home repair activities unless the homeowner has given express written consent for those activities to continue.Homeowners authorizing home repairs are releasing RTKC, its contractors, its directors, and officers from any liability or claims that may arise from exposure to pathogens due to home repair activities.

  • Volunteers will notify RTKC immediately if they or any other resident at their home has tested positive or has been in contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19.
  • RTKC staff and contractors will try to avoid physical contact with homeowners to the maximum extent possible.
  • Conversations with homeowners will be limited to electronic or phone conversations to the extent possible.
  • The homeowner has agreed to stay six feet away from any RTKC representatives (volunteers, staff or contractors) performing repairs on the home, in a separate room from in-progress maintenance when possible.
  • If possible, the homeowner agrees to wear a face mask when any RTKC representative(s) is on-site. If the homeowner does not have one RTKC will provide.
  • Volunteers agree not to use the home’s restroom facilities.
  • Volunteer agrees to use safe personal distancing during project duration when possible.
  • Volunteers agree to check their temperature is normal before coming to the project site.  Then the volunteer may begin work as long as the other requirements are met. If the temperature is elevated, the volunteer is asked to stay home.
  • The volunteer agrees to sanitize all tools before and after use when possible.
  • Volunteers agree to use their own tools when possible.

Please put the name of the crew here. If you do not know the crew's name, please put the contact person you are working with here.